Cadillac Commons Construction Update 6/7

Team Elmer’s is almost done excavating the topsoil out from underneath the alley and parking lot. Then, the sand fill will be placed and compacted which will raise the parking lot to the correct sub-base grade. The upcoming week will bring a LOT of underground work; the water line for the Splash Pad, the gas line for the Fireplace, installation of conduit for the electric, lighting, and sound system, and the bases for the decorative light poles. The curb line around the Parking Lot has been staked and is getting ready to be poured. The large light pole in the southwest corner will be erected in the next few days so it won’t be as dark at night during the remainder of construction.

Half of the drainage structures have already been installed – these are what collect the parking lot water and drain to the storm system. The remaining drainage structures will be installed on Wednesday and Thursday! The sewer line to collect the water from the Splash Pad was installed several weeks ago, so that is all set too.

Once the underground gets installed, then the Magic starts happening! Visible changes happen daily. The above ground work is right on schedule. The Decorative Light Poles, the Drinking Fountain, the Ice Rink surface, the Mister, and the Splash Pad features have already been or will be ordered within a week.

The ARCH is being constructed and already looks FABULOUS! It is being built locally by Cadillac Fabrication.