Cadillac Commons Update 6/22

The curb and the project site outline is shaped like a parking lot again! You can see the driveway entrances, the edges of the Splash Pad, and the additional parking space areas on Cass and Harris. The light pole foundations are in, as well as the water line and the fireplace gas meter.

Today the colored and stamped concrete samples were placed! These are done so we can make sure the colors and stamping pattern is to our specification before all the concrete is placed. The colors will continue to change over the next couple of days, it’s a really cool process!

Sidewalk behind the business may begin as early as FRIDAY, exciting news to everyone!

We are still anticipating the base course of the pavement being paved before the 4th of July weekend so it can be used as a parking lot for the Cadillac Freedom Festival. Construction work will continue and wrap up in the next few weeks after the event.