Cadillac Commons Update 6/30

Curbs are in and the parking lot is being prepared to be paved! Thursday morning we will start to pave the base course of asphalt, it will take most of the day Friday. When the asphalt has cooled, it will be opened for parking for the weekend events!

The parking lots will be closed on and off as Elmer’s finishes construction and as the Plaza area, splash pad, fireplace, and amenities are being constructed/installed. At the very end of the project, a second course of asphalt
will be placed and then the parking spaces will be painted. You will see 10 handicap spaces at the access points which will be great for our community.

We hope everyone is enjoying the new sidewalk behind the businesses! Everyone has been very patient and respectful of the construction crew and it is much appreciated. A few gaps had to be left in the sidewalk to allow for the placement of the drains underneath the sidewalk which will happen in the next week or two. Progress will continue next week as the stamped colored portion is placed next to the darker brown that is already in.

Please note that Elks Avenue will remain gravel through the weekend but will be closed to traffic. An area of the alley will be open near the Harris Street end for deliveries. Barricades will be in place so traffic does not travel through
Elks Avenue.

Construction work will continue and wrap up in the next few weeks after the Cadillac Freedom Festival. We are going to see light poles, bollards, planting beds, splash pad, drinking fountain, mister, benches and many more amenities coming very soon!