Construction Update 8/3

This week we will be setting the concrete production schedule for the Plaza portion of the lot which includes the paving of the splash pad. Thankfully the weather has started to cool down which makes it much better for placing

The stone work detail is ready to begin on the arch, seating wall, and fireplace. We have a few parts we are waiting on that are being shipped for the bollards, splash pad, and light poles.

Did you see the Cadillac News article showcasing the banner and the fireplace? They are going to be a stunning focal point for this gathering place in the community!

The coordinated banners that will hang from the light poles are a creative way to define the Cadillac Commons area. The banners are a resourceful way to identify all the locations of the Cadillac Commons; the Performing Arts Rotary Pavilion, City Park, the Plaza, Trailhead, and the future Market. Very attractive!