Construction Update 9/12

Some exciting things have been happening in the Plaza the last few weeks! Final paving is scheduled for this Friday.  Pavement Markings are scheduled for Monday. So with that said, the parking lot will be barricaded off for those tasks.

We will need to have full access to the lots, Elks Avenue, and parking along Harris Street and Cass Street so we can get everything paved in 1 day. Parking spot striping will be fairly quick but we need to provide time for it to dry before allowing anyone to park in the spaces. Smears are not good! Thank You in advance for parking elsewhere those days.

The Light Poles have been erected and are absolutely stunning at night. The poles have attachments that will be added to allow banners, flags, and flower pots to be hung from them. Atkins Electric has done such a great job on all the electrical work around the Plaza and in City Park. Additional power services have been provided to allow more food trucks and vendors to attend the events in City Park.

Cadillac Fabrication delivered the Arch and the Fireplace to the site. Wow! I think the most spectacular view is if you stand on the Plaza and look through the Arch, you see the Fountain, the Rotary Arts Pavilion, and Lake Cadillac all in the same sight line. What a gorgeous picture it makes! You can see two spots inside the Arch walls that allow for recognition plaques to be placed. Lights will be in place that shed light on the Arch from both sides at night.

The stone work on the seating wall began yesterday.  That and the stone around the fireplace will  be finished by the end of next week. Positive Chimney and Fireplace is doing all the stone work on the project and will be installing the fireplace next week!