Construction Update 9/19

The Splash Pad was tested last week and was everything we hoped it to be! It’ll be fun for kids of all ages during the day and beautiful at night with the LED lights.

The drinking fountain and the mister bar are already operational. We will activate the water bottle filling station on the drinking fountain in a couple weeks. A plaque will be installed by the Splash Pad control box that recognizes the Leadership Team and the key donors for their contribution in raising the funds to pay for the Splash Pad. Providing we don’t have too many rain days, everything substantial will be wrapping up on the site in the next week. The bollards have been installed along The Plaza open space. The dumpster enclosures will begin to be finished next week. Signage will be installed that shows the alley is for “Deliveries Only” and which direction the delivery trucks travel (from Harris Street to Cass Street).


The week of September 26th, The Plaza will be OPEN!! The Splash Pad and the fireplace will be operational! Stay tuned for updates and an announcement of the hours of operation for The Plaza.

A Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony will be scheduled.