The Market at Cadillac Commons to Feature a Unique Concrete Quilt

The floor of The Market at Cadillac Commons is being designed to include a striking “concrete quilt”, it will prove to be a unique and defining feature of the structure. It will contain 207 (5’ X 5’) concrete squares exhibiting a color palette derived from the new branding design of the Cadillac Commons by Dani Renwick of Charmellow Design in Cadillac.

Untitled (4)

Each of the colored squares also doubles as an opportunity for local businesses and members of the community to invest in the project. The squares are now available for sponsorship during The Market’s Patronicity fundraising campaign – click here for details!

The concrete quilt design was created by Cadillac’s own Mayor Carla J. Filkins, who offered her assistance when she became involved in the discussion of how to implement the project. Carla has been quilting for over 13 years and has created hundreds of (along with the help of some special friends) quilts for the Family Birth Center at Munson Hospital as well as raised thousands of dollars for local charities with donated quilts for auction. “I am incredibly honored to be able to design the market quilt, and will be creating an actual quilt of the same design for auction to raise additional funds for The Market” said mayor Filkins. The name of the quilt will be “Cadillac Commons Market Place”.

The colorization of the squares will be done though an acid staining process. The idea for the quilt came from John Wallace, Cadillac’s Community Development Director who wanted to create a truly unique design feature for Cadillac’s market structure. John said that the idea came to him from his wife Patricia who has taken up quilting and has been showing him a steady stream of quilt patterns over the past year.