The Cadillac Report 6/17

Construction of The Plaza at Cadillac Commons is humming along, and over the past couple of weeks a
lot of work has been accomplished. Most of the work done has been underground, and includes items
such as the fresh water line for the Splash Pad, installation of conduit for the electric, lighting, and sound
system, and the bases for the decorative light poles. Drainage structures and the storm sewer pipes are also in, and curb work has started.

A base layer of asphalt for parking should be in place by the Freedom Festival, and could be used for parking, however once the event is over, the area will be closed off to accommodate remaining construction
activities. Parking maps and poster boards which show the project amenities have been distributed to many downtown businesses, so that they could be displayed for curious customers or folks just passing by too.

The City is thankful for everyone’s patience during this construction! As previously commented on, significant funding for the Cadillac Commons placemaking projects is coming from outside sources, such as from grants and donations, and the bond issuance also required will be used to fund street projects in addition to the Cadillac Commons’ projects. Most importantly, the issuance of these bonds will not result in additional taxes or costs for residents because the money needed to pay back the bonds has already been budgeted.

Questions regarding this financing mechanism should feel free to contact the City’s Director of Finance, Owen Roberts, at (231) 779-7333, or at